Elevate Your Brand with Wow-How Corporate Videos: Real Examples

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We’ve encountered numerous lackluster corporate videos: dreary office scenes featuring individuals reciting scripts about their exceptional company in an awkward and unconvincing manner. It often appears as if they are struggling to persuade themselves of their own greatness, rather than engaging the viewer. 54% of businesses are using videos on their landing pages.

However, amidst the sea of uninspiring corporate videos, there exists a multitude that captivates, enlightens, and ignites enthusiasm. Today, we are here to present you with a collection of remarkable corporate video examples that will spark your creativity, accompanied by a set of guidelines to assist you in crafting your compelling content.

What is a Corporate Video?

what is corporate video production

A corporate video serves as a tool businesses employ to establish recognition and promote their brand, organization, or offerings. Among the diverse range of video content available for businesses, corporate videos stand alongside marketing videos, training videos, explainer videos, and customer testimonial videos.

Corporate videos typically provide a comprehensive overview of the company as a whole, avoiding in-depth discussions about specific products. It is advisable to reserve explainer videos for detailed product presentations. Nevertheless, as illustrated in the following instances, there is still room to incorporate mentions of the company’s products.

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Why Businesses Benefit from Utilizing Corporate Videos

One compelling rationale behind the effectiveness of corporate videos, making them an essential component of your marketing strategy, is their capacity to position your company prominently in the consciousness of your audience. Approximately two-thirds of consumers acknowledge that watching videos sparks their shopping inspiration. To ensure that customers not only remember your brand but also make purchases from your business, it’s imperative to maintain a prominent presence of videos in your marketing efforts. This approach stands as one of the most potent means of nurturing your corporate identity.

Let’s explore in more depth the importance of corporate videos and the pivotal role they can play in shaping your brand and marketing endeavors.

  • Enhancing brand recognition. Corporate videos serve as an effective tool for enhancing brand recognition. By consistently producing and sharing video content, you reinforce your brand’s image and messaging in the minds of your target audience. Over time, this familiarity can lead to increased trust and loyalty, making customers more likely to choose your products or services.
  • Engaging storytelling. Videos allow you to tell your brand’s story in a captivating and emotionally resonant way. Whether it’s sharing the history of your company, highlighting your commitment to sustainability, or showcasing the behind-the-scenes efforts of your team, storytelling through video can create a deeper connection with your audience.
  • Demonstrating expertise. Through informative and educational videos, you can position your company as an industry expert. Sharing insights, tips, and how-to guides related to your products or services not only helps potential customers but also establishes your authority in your field, making people more inclined to turn to you for their needs.

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The Top 7 Best Examples of Corporate Videos

corporate video example

Regardless of the nature of your business or the target audience you cater to, these illustrative corporate video instances will serve as a wellspring of inspiration for crafting your unique creations.


ETSI’s promotional video employs a blend of animated elements, voice-overs, pre-existing video clips, and unique visual material. This instance illustrates that producing a high-quality video doesn’t always necessitate interviewing your team members. ETSI effectively conveys information about its organization and its activities through voice-over narration and complementary visuals.

With Moovly’s corporate video editing tool, crafting a video devoid of team member appearances becomes effortless. In our extensive media library, you will find millions of stock videos, images, media resources, music, and graphics. You can also use our text-to-speech feature to easily add automated narration, eliminating the need for a team member to perform the narration.


NIBC demonstrates a remarkable ability to align its central ethos of “reflection” with the visual medium, thereby creating a video that resonates deeply with viewers. Their adept use of metaphors and engaging visuals not only captures attention but also ensures that NIBC’s values remain etched in the audience’s memory. In fact, among all the corporate videos in the selection, NIBC stands out as the one that excels in distilling its core principles into a compelling and unforgettable narrative.

The video not only showcases the company’s commitment to introspection but also highlights the profound connection between its values and corporate identity. It serves as a testament to NIBC’s dedication to fostering a culture of thoughtful deliberation and meaningful reflection in all aspects of their business.

3. Microsoft

Although corporate videos are a versatile tool for conveying your company’s principles, they can also serve as a platform for addressing significant internal transformations. An illustrative example is Microsoft’s recent rebranding effort for their Los Angeles headquarters, showcased in an engaging corporate video. What sets this video apart is Microsoft’s inclusion of interviews with the branding agency that played a crucial role in this rebranding endeavor. By incorporating external perspectives and expert testimony, your corporate videos can reinforce the specific message you aim to convey to your audience.

4. University of Bayreuth

In today’s educational landscape, students seek more than just academic knowledge from their university. They aspire to cultivate a diverse set of competencies, encompassing both technical and interpersonal skills. This is precisely the message conveyed by The University of Bayreuth in their captivating promotional video.

The University of Bayreuth has ingeniously crafted this inspiring corporate video to demonstrate to potential students the myriad opportunities that await them when they choose to enroll in their institution. These opportunities extend not only to personal growth but also to substantial professional development.

5. SwiftPass

This captivating corporate video demonstrates that you can craft compelling content without the necessity of featuring actual individuals. SwiftPass employs animated visuals to convey their identity and elucidate their activities in an entertaining manner. By harnessing the power of animation, SwiftPass adeptly introduces itself and its services, delivering an engaging and enjoyable experience for viewers while effectively communicating its message. This creative approach showcases the versatility of animation as a potent tool for conveying information and making a lasting impact in the world of corporate communication.

6. Apple

Apple stands as a trailblazer in the realm of technology, and its corporate video exemplifies this by portraying individuals utilizing their devices in diverse situations. However, the most remarkable revelation occurs towards the conclusion, as a solitary line of text emerges on the screen, bearing the message, “Filmed entirely on an iPhone in just one day.” Apple adeptly allows its products and principles to take the spotlight without uttering a single word.

Apple, renowned for its innovative strides in the tech world, skillfully demonstrates its prowess through a captivating corporate video. This video showcases an array of individuals from various walks of life seamlessly incorporating Apple products into their daily routines.

Yet, the pièce de résistance arrives towards the video’s climax when a solitary line of text graces the screen, delivering a revelation that leaves viewers in awe: “This entire production was flawlessly captured using only an iPhone, all within the span of a single day.”

7. Three Sixty Property Group

In this corporate video presentation, the narrator explores the core principles embraced by Three Sixty Property Group, complemented by corresponding visual footage. A noteworthy aspect worth highlighting is Three Sixty Property Group’s decision to produce original video content rather than resorting to animation or graphical elements. While animation may be a suitable choice for specific brands, as exemplified by the SwiftPass case mentioned earlier, certain videos resonate more effectively with authentic human presence.

When crafting your own corporate video, it is essential to consider your brand identity and values to ascertain the most suitable video style that aligns with your business.

Wrapping Up

corporate videos to elevate your brand

The power of corporate videos to elevate your brand is undeniable, and the real examples we’ve explored here serve as compelling evidence. We’ve seen how companies across various industries have harnessed the creative potential of video content to engage, inform, and inspire their audiences.

As you embark on your own journey to elevate your brand through corporate videos, remember the key takeaways from these examples. Craft a compelling narrative, be authentic, engage your audience emotionally, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. The world of corporate video marketing is vast and ever-evolving, offering limitless opportunities to connect with your target audience in meaningful ways.


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