What are the Latest Trends in Corporate Video Production?

Author: Bob Oct 12, 2018 5 min read

With the significant changes in the technology area, the video production sphere experienced great innovations. Just imagine how far we have come from watching movies recorded videotapes and digital video discs to such things as online streaming and high-quality videos of Blu-Ray. The creation of virtual reality applied in games and cinematography, 4k videos, aerial video shooting – all this indicates the intense development of video technologies.


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The video presentation is the best way to introduce oneself, business, services, or products provided since it includes both visual and informative aspects. It is critical to keep your eye on the ball regarding everything that relates to media innovations and specifically visual technologies. To keep up with the latest trends in corporate video production means to present yourself as a professional, relevant, and evolving company or entrepreneur.



Social media has gone through an incredible rise in recent years, and it should be taken into consideration. The rapid upsurge of YouTube is one of the best examples of that. To strengthen their online presence, numerous organizations use corporate videos on the entrance page of their websites. According to the survey conducted in the first half of 2021, a corporate video posted on the site’s main page or attached in the email newsletter will increase the conversion rate and sales in general by 60-80%.


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So what are the latest trends in corporate video production that are important to follow?


The latest trends in corporate video production: essential aspects


Considering all the current tendencies in the field of digital video technology, the creation of top-quality corporate video depends on the following factors:


Video for social media platforms in corporate video production


Social media platforms are nowadays nothing less than a vital business promotion tool. The times when Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram were ‘just for fun’ are long gone. One rather beneficial feature of social media is that all of them support video distribution options. The corporate video including crucial information that any potential customer needs to know can be posted publicly. That implies not only better audience coverage, but also direct contact with your clients. Whether it is YouTube channel where one can build a strong online visual presence or an Instagram account where someone offering certain services and products can communicate with their customers through DMs (direct messages) – social media platforms are highly valuable for any business.


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Live streaming in corporate video production


With the appearance of advanced visual technologies, live video streaming also became available. Continuing the theme of social networks, many of them (mainly YouTube and Facebook) provide such an option. Besides helping clients to feel fully engaged in the process and become a part of the company, online streams hold the great opportunities for future increase profit. That is, using online streaming of the organization’s events or pre-designed interactive broadcasts is an excellent way of creating a strong bond between the company and the customer. Such a trend in corporate video production gains more and more popularity each day.


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Video snippets in corporate video production


Continuing the topic of social media, its helpful visual options and valuable addition to business enhancement, the question arises about the length of the video posted on the account. Though most platforms suggest a live streaming feature, sometimes brevity is indeed the sister of talent. Short but comprehensive and engaging video, like Insta story on Instagram, may attract even more customers than a full-length online stream. The golden rule is to make exciting and useful content without any extra information. People can view such laconic corporate videos on their smartphones and tablets, which we carry with us everywhere on a daily basis.


4K in corporate video production


Alongside other technological aspects, the video quality is constantly improving. Not that long ago the viewers were amazed by the full HD feature, and nowadays it is just another common thing. Nevertheless, the newest devices like TVs, mobile phones and cameras support 4K resolution, which obviously ensures a better quality of video material. Even YouTube mentioned above, and other known video-based platforms give their users an opportunity to use 4K. However, it may depend on the speed of the internet that one uses. Yet, 4K resolution is expected to become the next standard of digital video material.
Despite that, 4K has already turned into a beneficial option for videographers and one of the latest trends in corporate video production. Making a story-of-our-company video, shooting interviews with employees and clients – the best way to it using 4K resolution.


image of mountains and water


Explainers in corporate video production


Explainer video remains a popular type of visual presentation of enterprises. They are usually created using 2d animation, 3d animation, motion graphic, etc. In this kind of corporate videos a narrator (often a single one), describes the organization, its history, products, services and goals. Such content is helpful for both clients and workers of the company. With the use of explainer video, business earns credibility while building solid online presence and showing creative approach. Based on associative aspects of people’s memory, such type of corporate videos will lead to the certain company becoming a synonym of the whole industry within which it operates. Moreover, explainer videos are rather affordable; create your great 2D animated explainer video and a realm of other video types with Wow-How Studio!


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