What the Cost of 3D Content Development Is and How to Choose a Service Provide

Author: Bob Jul 18, 2023 10 min read

3D content creation has gained immense popularity, attracting businesses across diverse industries to leverage 3D graphics and models for their marketing strategies and product designs. 

The 3D models market size was valued at USD 1255.8 million in 2022 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 19.04% during the forecast period, reaching USD 3573.08 million by 2028. 

We are already seeing this leap in the development of 3D content, as we all know that brands are gradually beginning to enter the 3D market, for example, the loudest statement was made by Apple, with its new augmented reality glasses. 

However, despite its widespread adoption, many brands still face significant challenges when it comes to creating 3D art and calculating its final cost. Before delving into these obstacles, let’s first explore what exactly is involved in 3D content generation.


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What are the main stages of 3D content development?


3D content generation encompasses the creation of 3D objects, scenes, and animations used in various media formats such as films, video games, and virtual reality experiences. This intricate process employs specialized software and techniques to model, texture, render, and animate 3D elements, breathing life into them.

Different projects may require distinct approaches to 3D content generation, depending on their specific goals and requirements. Some projects demand highly realistic 3D models and environments, while others may call for a more stylized or abstract aesthetic.

In essence, 3D content generation is a multifaceted and intricate endeavor that necessitates a blend of technical expertise, creative vision, and meticulous attention to detail. It plays a pivotal role in numerous industries and continually evolves alongside advancing technology and the emergence of new tools and techniques.

The process typically involves several stages, ensuring a smooth 3D content development process.


  1. Defining technical specifications. We consider all relevant technical details, such as dimensions and production methods, to create a detailed and precise model. The quality of the final result relies heavily on the accuracy of the specifications.
  2. Prototyping for visualization. From the 3D model development, we can create a physical prototype, providing a visual representation of the future product. This step often reveals any errors made during the initial stages, ensuring the final product aligns with your requirements.
  3. Crafting a 3D model. Our skilled professionals utilize specialized software to bring the product to life in a three-dimensional form. This stage allows for revisions and adjustments as needed.
  4. Enhancing with rendering. To enhance realism, our experts overlay shadows, and textures, and select optimal lighting, creating a compelling image.


Wow-How specialists can base their work on various sources, including detailed descriptions, specific parameters, photographs from different angles, or existing samples for reverse engineering. The cost of 3D modeling is determined individually, accounting for project complexity, initial information provided, and order urgency.

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What impacts the cost of developing 3D content?


Pixels on the screen or bytes on disk come at a cost, and every so often that cost can be quite high. The factors behind this expense are intellectual property and the functionality of the 3D model.



One crucial aspect to consider is timing. Creating a 3D art model of a car in just one day is simply unrealistic. It’s important to establish the timeline during the initial stages of the project, with agreed-upon deadlines for each development phase. Providing preliminary guidelines, briefs or examples can significantly boost the process.

The composition of the 3D art model is another critical factor tied closely to the deadline. The more intricate the object being designed, the more time-consuming the entire project becomes. It is crucial to discuss the components in advance, including the design of individual elements or the specifications of standard products.

The complexity of the 3D model development is also a significant determinant of its price. Complexity is measured by the number of polygons or the level of detail in the base element. This type of work requires substantial computational resources. Often, the aesthetic appearance of the model affects its complexity, since the construction of the real object relies on the model’s control points or coordinates.

Another consideration is the involvement of multiple professionals. Considering the aforementioned factors, a 3D model may require a considerable amount of complexity and composition, which may necessitate engaging multiple individuals. However, the number of artists should be assessed based on their expertise in this particular field. It’s worth mentioning that dividing the design task among different professionals may not always be the most optimal approach.

Determining whether the 3D model development should be animated or static may seem straightforward, but complications can arise. Misalignment can occur between the customer’s and the contractor’s understanding of the model’s “motion trajectories.” Additionally, the contractor’s CAD system might lack the necessary functionality or have significant limitations, so expanding its features of paying for another software may result in additional expenses.


Calculating the Cost of a 3D Project


Discovering the cost of 3D modeling can be influenced by various factors. They include the complexity of the model, the software used, and whether it’s an artistic or engineering design. Additionally, considerations such as texture application, potential usage as a souvenir, and the need for additional calculations like thickness, weight, and structural strength play a role. 

Sometimes, the 3D artist must creatively design and construct a project, while other times they strive for accurate replication based on provided references. Find out more about the Wow-How’s pricing by contacting us directly and sharing the details of your project. The next section will provide you with some tips on how to choose the right service provider for your specific requirements.


How To Choose the Best 3D Modeling Service Provider


Discovering the perfect 3D model development service provider that caters to your unique requirements can be a challenge in today’s vast market. When selecting a service provider, it’s crucial to consider factors like quality, price, reliability, and customer service. To help you make the right choice, here are some key indicators of exceptional 3D modeling service providers.


Take A Closer Look At The Profile

Uncover valuable insights by exploring the service provider’s social media presence and conducting a quick online search using popular search engines like Google or Bing. Start by delving into the company’s website and carefully examining the presented details and information. Assess whether their expertise aligns with your industry or business.

Additionally, take a look at the company’s portfolio and consider its location.


Discover what previous customers said

Make sure to explore testimonials and reviews from past clients of the studio. Additionally, reach out to your friends and business contacts to gather their genuine opinions and evaluations regarding the 3D modeling service provider.


Take a look at their technology stack

One of the main points of choosing the right and quality provider is the technology they use. This information should be publicly available on the provider’s website. Make sure that only the latest 3D modeling technologies are used, and ask to see the studio’s latest work and projects. If the provider is using outdated technology, you will not be able to follow trends. 


Discuss terms and conditions

When it comes to having a great production capacity, it’s all about having a fantastic team of skilled experts, using top-of-the-line software, and having access to powerful hardware. What’s even better is when the service providers can customize their models to meet your specific needs. So, no matter how complex your project is, they can deliver exceptional results that will exceed your expectations. When you find a 3D modeling services provider who checks all these boxes, you can rest assured, knowing that they are fully capable and trustworthy.


Why Choose Wow-How 3D modeling services


Wow-How’s 3D modeling services provide a compelling proposition for businesses looking to enhance their visual content and create a lasting impact. With our unmatched expertise, customized solutions, cutting-edge technology, seamless workflow, and cost-effective pricing, Wow-How stands out as a reliable partner in bringing your ideas to life through immersive and captivating 3D models.



Broad expertise

By hiring an outsourcing specialist, you open the doors to a wealth of knowledge and expertise accumulated over many years by the team of like-minded professionals. Opting for a reliable provider like Wow-How ensures that you receive top-notch specialists equipped with the necessary tools and backed by the collective experience of the studio. Our ultimate goal is to ensure all the in-house contractors perform their tasks with utmost excellence, as it directly benefits our overall reputation and success.


Greater speed and volume

When it comes to 3D model development, you might think that hiring a freelancer is the faster option compared to teaming up with an outsourcing firm. However, that’s not always the case. Let us explain why.

An outsourcing 3D modeling company has the advantage of providing you with a team of specialists who have a proven track record of working together seamlessly. They can quickly coordinate their efforts and get started on your project promptly. On the other hand, organizing two or more independent freelancers can be a bit more challenging and time-consuming.

By choosing Wow-How, you not only get the benefit of multiple specialists’ combined expertise, but you also gain the advantage of their experience in adapting to different project requirements. We are familiar with diving into projects of various scopes, which allows us to hit the ground running and deliver results efficiently.


Founded management flow

Collaborating with freelancers can sometimes take a bit of work, as it takes time for everyone to get on the same page. However, once you’re in the groove of working together, you might realize that you need some extra time or expertise to properly oversee their work and ensure outstanding quality. This is different from outsourced 3D model development, where you might not have as much control. 

It’s important to find a reliable partner who offers a transparent management system, with clear points of contact and defined responsibilities. This way, you can decide how involved you want to be in the management process and even trust your partner to handle it completely if that’s what you prefer.


Flexible terms

Outsourcing arrangements often come with greater flexibility compared to freelance platforms or full-time employment contracts. Unlike the former, which may have inflexible negotiation and communication processes, or the latter, which can be bound by various laws and regulations, partnering with an outsourcing provider allows you to customize the terms of cooperation according to your needs.

This means you can easily make adjustments along the way, such as adding more team members, reducing work hours, or utilizing additional services. And here’s the icing on the cake: outsourcing providers are generally willing to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to ensure that all the details and outcomes of your collaboration are kept strictly confidential.


Wrapping Up

Locating the perfect 3D modeling service provider may seem like a daunting task, considering the various aspects to take into account. Fortunately, the suggestions and insights shared earlier should assist you in selecting the ideal 3D model development supplier for your business.

Our Wow team, is excited to learn more about your specific 3D modeling requirements. Reach out to us today to kick-start your project and obtain awe-inspiring results!


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