How to Make Great Product Videos That Sell

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There are a lot of great things about product videos. They are perfectly reusable marketing tools that, when created right, can drive conversions over and over again. The users like watching them when researching and comparing the products, and 75% of the customers have admitted they have bought a product after watching a video about it. Long story short, a well-done product video actually sells, so let’s find out how to create it for your business. 


Product Video in a Nutshell


Know more about Product Video in a Nutshell


As the name suggests, a product video is the one that overviews your product, showing it in a close-to-real life environment, dwelling on the features and benefits, pointing out the products’ uniqueness, and encouraging the viewers to buy. 

Most frequently, product videos are used at the consideration stage of the sales funnel, pursuing the goal of giving the potential users a better idea of your offer. 

Sometimes, product videos borrow the features of explainers, promos, and how-to type videos, so that’s why making product videos needs careful tailoring to the sales to funnel stage, a clear understanding of the goals, and using the right channels to promote them. 

Let’s dwell on these tasks in more detail. 


Stand Out with Stellar


How to Make a Product Video That Sells – Step by Step Plan

So, here is how to create product videos for marketing, product awareness improvement, and sales boost. 


Know more about How to Make a Product Video That Sells – Step by Step Plan


1. Set your goal

The first step in creating a product video is to set the specific goal since it will determine the whole approach to product videography, the product video type, and the promotion channel you will use. Below are some of the goals product videos can help with. 

  • Increasing brand awareness. While it doesn’t seem intuitive, product videos can be used for increasing brand awareness. In this case, the video itself should be ultimately branded, plus have the features of a promo one to grab the attention of those who aren’t aware of your brand yet. 
  • Demonstrating the product. To achieve this goal, a product video should have a lot in common with a demo. To demonstrate the product better, you have to focus on its core features, smartly mix them with the benefits, and still keep your video visually attractive. 
  • Explaining the product features. If your product isn’t pretty intuitive to use (for example, you have developed a CRM system that can be tailored to multiple use cases), explaining to users how to deal with it makes sense. How to make a good tutorial video on the verge with a product one? In this case, focusing on the features of an already bought product makes sense. 

What’s more, the users on the consideration stage of the sales funnel can watch such a video to make sure your product matches their expectations before they buy or subscribe. 


2. Tailor your video to your audience

Depending on the goal to make a product video, you have to align it with the target audience, the sales funnel stage your viewers are on now, and the specifics of their perception. The specifics of the target audience largely determine the specifics of the video itself. 

For example, a product video to increase brand awareness shouldn’t be too long – ideally, it should last 30-60 seconds since the prospective leads are unlikely to engage longer with a brand they don’t know yet.

Product demo videos, in turn, can last up to two minutes since in this case, the audience is more ready to dwell on the details for longer. 

Product tutorials may last as long as it is needed to guide the users toward solving their problem with the product. 


3. Choose the right product video type

There are also several product video types to choose from depending on the goal and the target audience. 

  • Live demonstration. This is the simplest product video type that some brands create even without turning to professional product video production services. The goal of the video is to showcase the real product as it is and provide an additional overview of its features and benefits. 
  • Shoppable videos. Being highly interactive, these videos allow the viewers to immediately add the showcased items to the shopping cart. Creating shoppable videos can be a good idea for large eCommerce stores, pursuing the goal of introducing the users to the new product collections. 
  • Animation (2D or 3D). Animated product videos are all-in-one solutions since they can be tailored to almost any product, goal, and video type. Depending on the product, you are welcome to choose between 2D or 3D video production. 

While the first approach is better for digital products, for example, using 3D visualization services can be the best tactic for physical products to showcase them in three dimensions and achieve a high level of detalization. 

  • Product intro video. This type of product video is good for introducing the existing customers and the prospective leads to the newly launched product. Still, in this case, you will have to create other product video types as well to give users a holistic idea of your product step by step. 


4. Create a storyboard

After you are done with setting the goal of the product video, narrowing down the target audience, and choosing the right type, it’s time to create the first sketch of a storyboard. Usually, product video storyboards follow the next logic.

  • Brand introduction;
  • Problem statement;
  • Product introduction;
  • Product features and benefits showcasing and explanation;
  • Call to action;
  • A brief explanation of how and where to buy the product.

But despite seeming simplicity, product video storyboarding and scripting need a professional approach and creativity to make it stand out and showcase the product in the best way possible, depending on the business goal. 

So, at this step, it is better to partner with a product video production studio to make use of their experience and create a professionally-looking product ad. 


5. Add selling features to your product video

Most brands create a product video with the goal to sell, reuse the video across the channels and audiences, and generally use it as a kind of marketing automation, letting the new users watch it over and over again. 

Below are some tips for making videos that actually sell or at least drive the viewers to the bottom of the sales funnel. 

  • Benefits and features balance. The customers don’t buy the features – they buy the benefits the features can promise. That’s why it is essential to keep a wise balance between technical and emotional perspectives. 
  • Compelling CTAs. The calls to action you include at the end of the videos should be actually encouraging to strengthen the impression and create one more impulse to buy the product. 
  • High-level details. For physical products advertised with 3D video production, showcasing the details from all angles. With the help of professional 3D video services, such a task becomes easier. 
  • Voiceover and music. While music matters for creating the right mood and is a must-have for almost any video, there are some tricks with a product video voice-over. For example, some brands prefer skipping the voiceover and adding text pieces instead, to explain the showcased feature. Having no voiceover is ok for intuitive products but it is still better to have it for showcasing complex mechanisms and equipment. 


6. Create your product video

At this point, you are ready to create a product video that sells. Using animation for this goal is an ever-green approach since it allows for unlimited creativity, freedom, and branding. Both 2D and 3D are popular approaches to animated video production, but regardless of the technology you choose, it is still better to do it with professional help. 

Following such a tact, your future product video has the ultimate chance of getting a professional, branded, and memorizable look, logical flow, and compelling CTAs.

Using 2D or 3D for product video production is also the way to showcase the product from the right perspective and let the users get a holistic impression. 

Wow-How Studio is here to help you with this task. 


7. Get started with promotion

After your product video is ready, you are welcome to promote and reuse it across multiple marketing channels. Below are some ideas for a product video promotion. 

  • YouTube. Uploading your video to your YouTube channel never hurts. Recently, we have explained how to set it up, so after you are done with YouTube channel customization and branding, make sure to add your product videos as well. 
  • Twitter. Promoting your product on Twitter can also be a good idea but keep the video length limitations in mind. Twitter videos should last up to 2 minutes 20 seconds. 
  • Facebook. Sharing product videos via Facebook can be effective for increasing brand awareness, so give it a try. 
  • Instagram. Being highly visual, Instagram gives a lot of opportunities to promote a product video. So, post in your profile, share it via Stories (in this case, the video will be cut to the first 11 seconds but you can redirect the users to see it on IGTV), and use paid advertising. 
  • Dedicated landing pages. Creating a landing page for each of the products you sell is a good tactic to attract the attention of the users to the specific item with the help of PPC ads. According to statistics, landing pages with videos convert 80% better than ones with static content only. 
  • Product pages. Don’t forget to add your product videos to your online store pages so that the users can strengthen the impression of the product with the help of a video overview. 



Creating product videos is a popular marketing tactic among eCommerce merchants and retailers. You are welcome to get started with it as well but keep in mind that professionally-created and visually attractive product videos have the best chances to convert and sell. 

That’s why hiring a product video production studio makes sense – their technical, marketing, and creative experience will allow you to create a stellar product video that will stand out.

Contact us right now to create a product video that sells and compels! 


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