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Do you have issues with designing and modeling the visual art for a new game project? Are you searching for new blood in the gaming design sphere? Then you visit the right site for it! WOW-HOW concept art studio will solve any problems connected with gaming production and conceptualization for you.

Concept Art Services by WOW-HOW Production

The gaming entertainment sphere is very popular and widely spread in our times. To produce the competitive bid product is the primary aim of modern concept art outsourcing production and gaming industry. ¬†As for customers, it is essential to find a high-quality, outstanding product with good graphics and appropriate parameters than to play the complicated computer game with badly illustrated textures and constant bags. Numerous video-review bloggers make it easier to the customer to overview the ‘toys’ before they appear on the generic market. Thus, the video game concept art is playing the significant role in product marketing nowadays.


Our professionals have many useful, high-quality tools in their kit to create the most attractive and conceptual product for you. Do you need mobile, PC, virtual reality, or console games design? With WOW-HOW production, it is not a problem anymore. Look what services and offers we have prepared for you below:

  1. Character design.
  2. Location visualization.
  3. Level crafting.
  4. 3D & 2D design of vehicles, weapons, and objects.
  5. 3D modeling.
  6. 3D visualization.
  7. 3D & 2D animation.
  8. Preproduction.

Working with Our Video Game Concept Art Studio

Ever more game corporations get used to working with our game art outsourcing studio as we are trustful representatives of the industry, and we have been operating in this sphere for more than ten long years. About 30 indoor specialists are working their best to produce the unprecedented game design ever. WOW-HOW concept art studio has an accurate work process plan. Making an order for such a project, you can always count on free consulting, there is no financial commitment at this stage, and we are always ready to give you feedback.

How does it work?

  • First, we discuss the project, negotiate the terms and give you pieces of advice if necessary. Then, we define scopes and budget means. The projection process is for free!
  • Second, we are thinking about the main idea, making an outline of the working idea, and choose the executor of the task. You can find the digital artist that you like the most from our sample range, and we will appoint him or her to execute your project.
  • Third, when finishing the job, we provide you with the working result to get your approval and to correct the remarks.
  • At the final stage, the project is accepted and handed in with all the initial material, technical documentation, and appendixes.

Thus, you can watch the whole video game concept art production process and control the results. After long years of patient work in the gaming sphere, we have already cooperated with more than one hundred clients who became our regular customers as a result. Welcome to our WOW-HOW creative studio!