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How Much Does the Concept Art Cost: Brief Price Review

Want to order a conceptual art work but don’t know the pricing? Besides, the prices differ significantly on different sites and companies, and it is really hard to choose a proper company for the affordable price. What is the fair price to pay for the design of the concept art? What influences its cost and how to find the most sufficient variant for you? Read this article to find out the answers.

The Main Components of the Concept Art Cost

The prices for the concept art are different. Mainly, the cost of this work depends on the experience and status of the artist. If he has been creating concept art for many years and has gained a solid reputation, his work will undoubtedly be more expensive than that of an inexperienced freelancer. Sometimes you can even find a person who is ready to create and develop the whole concept for free. Usually, these are the students or the beginners who are searching for the experience and positive feedbacks to gain.
However, the concept plays an essential role in the success of a final product. The artist must convey the visual rendering of a design, which will be used in the final product. Thus, it is crucial to find a person who will be able to cope with the task and meet the deadlines. That is why you will lose if you choose the artist just because his pricing is the cheapest. You need to think through the other criteria and make a well-grounded decision so that your project achieved success.

What Does the Concept Art Pricing Depend On

Here are the main constituents of the concept art pricing:
●     Work complexity. The more difficult the task is, the higher the price will be. If you need to design a part of the project (for instance the promotional work), it will be faster and cheaper than to develop the whole concept work. In addition, the 3D art is a way more challenging for the artists than 2D. Thus, it also influences the pricing.

●      The quality of the references you provide. It goes without saying that if you provide well-detailed references and have a clear idea of what you want to see. As a result, it will be more accessible to both of you and the artist. However, we recommend taking into consideration the advice and comments of the artist. If he is a professional, we can give you really worth pieces of advice as he has a professional vision.
●     Time limits. The less time you provide to the artist for his work the more you will need to pay. Usually, it takes from 2 weeks to a month to create a well-detailed profound art concept. Of course, the total amount of required time depends on the speed of your feedback to the artist and on the clarity of the task and references you provide.

Summing Up the Concept Art Pricing

The cost of the concept art works differs significantly. That is because of the diversity of the criteria which influence the price. The main constituents of the concept art pricing are the reputation and popularity of the company or an artist you hire, the work complexity, the quality of the references you provide, and the time limits you set.
The price of the art plays an important, but not the crucial role. We recommend appealing to the companies with a solid reputation to have the concept art designed. Thus, you will prevent yourself from wasting time and money. One of the companies with a stable reputation is We guarantee that we will provide all video game concept art services for you. To see more details, check out our official site.

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