Content for XR (AR/VR)

Content for XR (AR/VR) apps/services

Virtual reality content is among the technological trends nowadays.

AR/VR technologies are progressing much faster than we would expect. And their future growth surely depends on consumers’ behavior and business development.

However, some business representatives still don’t understand the full meaning of these terms and ways of their application into all life spheres.

What is AR/VR in simple words?

Firstly, you should note AR and VR productions- are two very different concepts, with characteristics that readily distinguish them from each other.

Augmented reality (AR) relates to any technology that “adds” the user’s visual perception of their environment. Usually digital information with location-specific features and graphics adds over a natural existing environment. AR content has only limits of apps and devices where it setted.

The most popular example of AR everyone knows for sure – Pokémon Go game, which was released in 2016 and immediately became a worldwide boom. But the sphere of application augmented reality is wider – you can quickly find the right product in the supermarket, with the help of 3d furniture modeling services learn how to assemble new wardrobe or how to use the satellite navigation in your car. 


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