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How Much Does a Kickstarter Video Cost?

Kickstarter videos are effective tools for communication for many reasons good reasons. For instance, they allow you to immerse personality into your message in a manner that mere text cannot do. For instance, these videos allow you to put your best foot forward to win the favor of potential supporters and backers of your initiative. They enable you to showcase your creativity, communication skills, and your sense of humor as you rest your case. However, all these benefits don’t come for free, and hence, the need to answer the question, how much does a kickstarter video cost?
In the remaining sections of this post, we will look into all the factors that contribute to the overall cost you will incur as you create a kickstarter video. All these factors put together will assist you in preparing a budget for your future videos. So, we urge you to stay with this discourse to get to the bottom of this critical aspect of kickstarter video—cost.


We all are aware that no valuable work takes place on earth without time. In fact, without time all the other resources will not benefit anyone. When thinking about creating your next or maiden kickstarter video, you have to factor in the amount of time the video creator and other players will need to produce it. For instance, it will take time to shoot the video, scout the location of the video shooting, add special effects, and edit it. Moreover, it will take time to engage in pre-production planning and script writing. For all these time-based engagements, you will need to pay all the people who will engage in them.


A great kickstarter video requires quality talent. All the human resource you will need to work on the video will cost you money. For instance, the more experienced and skilled your talent is, the more money you will spend on hiring their services.


Tools are another factor that will help you to answer the question, “How much does it cost to make a kickstarter video?”  For instance, you can use your mobile phone to produce a kickstarter video. Also, you can utilize high-end video cameras to get higher quality kickstarter videos. This means that the kind of tools you use will contribute to the overall cost of producing the video. A camera-shot video will cost you more than the one you shoot using a mobile phone. For example, a quality RED Epic camera will cost you $2,000 to rent per a week. This cost does not include lights and sound.

Quality: DIY vs. Professional Creation

Another factor that will determine the cost of creating a great kickstarter video is the quality you want. If you want the best quality video, be ready to pay up to $30,000. Such a video will give you super features such as filming, graphics, sound track, and casting that exceed that norm. Inversely, you if you decide to do the video yourself, you will spend lesser. For instance, an average DIY video would cost you somewhere between $500 and $1000. This means that you should be ready to spend all the time necessary to produce it. Also, you should have the necessary skills to write your own script, direct, and manage the production process on your own. You should also be ready to edit the video yourself or hire someone to do it at a minimal cost of less than $300.
Looking at what it takes to do it alone, you can be sure that the quality of the video will be compromised. The reason is that nobody is a “complete powerhouse” that can specialize in all the processes that go into a quality video. So, quality is the determining factor that will make you go for professional help or do it yourself.

Number of Revisions

The number of revisions you need will also help in answering the question, “how much does a kickstarter video cost?” The reason is that the revisions that go into the video will influence its cost. Why? Because more revisions require more time, and hence, the people who work on them will charge you more for their time. Therefore, be careful of who does the script and shooting because if they do a shoddy job, more revisions will be necessary.

Video Length

When dealing with video costs, it is necessary to consider its length. The reason is that length is directly connected to time. For instance, if your video is shorter, it will take a shorter time to work on it from shooting, editing, and revision. This means that longer videos will cost you more with shorter ones costing lesser. Therefore, set your kickstarter video’s length with cost in mind.

Kickstarter videos are great tools for selling your vision and agenda to potential supporters and funders. However, they come at a cost. The cost of producing a kickstarter video depends on many interrelated factors. This means you should be careful how you create yours so that it does not exceed your budget. For instance, the quality you want your video to reflect will determine its overall cost. Also, the length of the video affects its overall cost. It is also necessary to note that the number of revisions that go into the video also affects its cost. Lastly, the quality of talent you use and the amount of time that goes into the video also determines a video’s cost. Since we have answered the “how much does a kickstarter video cost?” question, we welcome you to sample our kickstarter video production services.

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