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5 Good Reasons To Have Your Logo Animated In 2020

Often companies treat logo as “sacred cow“, managers sometimes feel that animating their logo is a kind of changing it, alike restyling or rebranding and just say “no” automatically. 

Let us give you 5 pros of logo animation to consider.

1) A good logo is just meant to be animated! Being a key element of identity, the good logo consists of parts: fonts, logo sign elements, patterns that are often recognizable themselves! We guess almost everyone knows the story of Coca-Cola glass bottle designed to be recognizable even it is broken. Same things with professional logo animation – it works with the logo elements retaining the overall recognition. It is often said that customers form an opinion about a company within seconds. Make these seconds really full of creativity!

2) Almost every brand desires to speak millennials’ language and be attractive to youth/younger audience. Just look at Tik-Tok, young target audience that hanging out in it. This social platform consists video content solely, the language of youth is the language of action, and as you and might guessed, the language of video. In just two years, Tik-Tok has emerged to rival companies like Netflix, YouTube, Snapchat, and Facebook with more than one billion downloads in 150 markets worldwide and 75 languages.

Patterns of wealth accumulation and buying behavior has shifted from 35+ males long ago and so did media consumption. Numerous researches point that for millennials dynamic (video) beats static (illustration) 9 times out of 10.
Still think that a static logo is a good ending for your reel?

3)  A lot of brands in their positioning refer to “ongoing development”, “moving forward”, “fast reaction”, “speed”, “power” and alike. So, what can deliver those concepts better than actual movement? Why don’t add some to the logo then? For such brands it’s a must!

When someone tells you about a person who is funny and joyful, would you be sure about that until you see this person joking or at least smiling? Same with the brands. If your brand is about fun, joy, and happiness you just need a set of logo animations to prove it. Make your logo smile, laugh, smell the flowers, dance and you’ll become closer. By the way, people adore brands that are not afraid to be a bit ironic about themselves.

4)  Do you like Doodles? We too! With a proper logo animation, your logo can suit up for important dates, events, and occasions. Each brand has its set of dates: Valentine’s day logo, Veterans’ day logo, even “we like Star Wars logo” and “honoring important person’s day logo”. If you are creating a special occasion commercial you should end up with a special occasion logo. Halloween logo? Yes, please!

5) And Finally – a Mascot! Lots of brands use mascots as a part of their identity or even their logo. The reasons are clear, mascots help deliver the needed brand traits like strength, flexibility, openness and even sophistication. As most of the time mascots represent living creatures (people, animals, human-like robots, etc.) they are meant to become alive through animation means! This will emphasize needed brand traits and make the mascot friendlier. What’s better than a little cute kitten? A meowing little cute kitten!

Logo animation should not be done just to add some senseless motion, degree of animator professionalism is determined by how well the animated logo delivers needed brand value. Brands are like people. When we think of logo animation we think of dancing. Some people just don’t dance and it’s OK, but we like those who do!

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