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10 Interesting Facts about Animation

1. Did you know that the lamp from a Pixar opening has a name? It is called Luxo Junior, named after the animated cartoon short of 1986, which Pixar produced under the same title.

2. Amination is literally translated from French as “soul.” So, the process of animation is actually the “ensoulment” of characters!

3. Walt Disney initially came to Louis Mayer, the head of Metro Goldwin Mayer, with his idea of cartoon about Mickey Mouse. However, L. Mayer responded that the movies are mostly attended by women, and women are scared of mice. Hence, he refused to purchase the cartoon’s idea and felt deeply sorry about that afterwards.

4. Walt Disney received not only an Oscar award for the cartoon “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” but one large figurine and seven smaller ones.

5. “Toy Story” is the first feature length film fully modeled and created with the help of 3D technology.

6. Thanks to absence of the fifth finger on the hands of cartoon characters, animation studios managed to save several millions of dollars, since this decision cut the time for frame-by-frame rendering of characters. Along with that, four fingers did not cause any visual discomfort among viewers.

7. “Lion King” was initially created as a secondary animated film, while the main stake was made by the Disney studio on “Pocahontas.” Script writers of “Lion King” did not believe in the project and were reluctant to start working on it, since they thought “the story is not that good” and “I don’t even know who will watch that.”

8. In 1997, over 700 Japanese children required medical aid after watching the animated film based on the Pocket Monsters game for Nintendo. They had cramps, and experts attributed the effect to the 5-second light twinkle in the eyes of Pikachu after the explosion scene.

9. Throughout the second part of the “Pocahontas” animated film, its main character has her hair gathered up into a bin – the reason for this was a lack of artists’ time to conduct rendering of flying, flowing hair.

10. “Tangled” is to date the most expensive animated film in the world, costing the studio $274 million. The film’s production took 6 years, since there were technical problems with one (longest) character – Rapunzel’s long hair. It took 9 years to create a program for ideal hair modeling for the film.

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