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Do you know that there is no absolute silence in nature? We always hear at least something: it can be the wind whistle, the noise from neighboring apartments, the sound of our own breath, and our heart. In order for an animated video to be exciting, it has to contain a lot of sounds and animation voice over.

People often think that in video production the visual is the most important. But in reality, the sound helps to describe the necessary information. Metaphorically speaking, the announcer’s voice plays the role of the host of the event, which leads the entire audience. From how charismatic the presenter is, how much the audience wants to immerse themselves in the story.

In this article, I will share with you the intricacies of how to properly build a voiceover, choose a speaker, and why we need it.




Better to write the text for the voice acting scripts immediately after the concept has been approved. This stage is called pre-production. The scriptwriter initially takes the information for creating a voice over from the brief, so it is important to fill it out as accurately as possible. It also often happens that the client provides his own version of the voiceover. The screenwriter edits the client’s text to perfection, while together creating the visual part of the video. In this stage of the work, the screenwriter immerses himself in the benefits of the product in order to personally convey all the positive aspects of a particular brand. A voiceover reel is an important aspect of a video, so it is important to seek professional help.


Music theme


A lot depends on the main theme of the video concept. If the theme of our video is space, then the music is minimalistic, deep, electronic. And if, for example, the theme of the video is smart collars for dogs, then the music is sweet, dynamic and kind. The voice of the actor is very important – it should stand out against the background music, and harmonize with it. The search for such an ideal combination is our goal.

Wow-How Studio has been working with artists worldwide. We work directly with native speakers of the country where the video will be published. We offer our clients 3 or 4 voice options to choose from.


Learn more what else can be chosen in


There are several criteria to consider for your voice content

  • The age of your audience
  • The platform, where the video will be published
  • Type of the voice (celebrity, adult, kind voice)
  • The genre of the video 


Let’s talk about voiceover


Voiceover can be used in presentation content and in image and product animation videos. Voiceover acts as a tool that also solves the marketing tasks of the project. For example, the voiceover takes on the semantic load. It is thanks to the voiceover that the viewer assimilates the idea of the product. In the image and in the product video, voice acting provides information about the benefits of a product/service, focuses on the key message.

Often studios make a voiceover after the animatic. This is a big mistake. Voiceover video is a specific component of the whole project. Voice over has a specific timing, and the lines should sound organic with the picture.


Basic elements of a good voiceover

Memorable video sound consists of several basic elements:

  • Audio clarity and volume;
  • Pacing;
  • Vocal tone;
  • Pronunciation.


Music in the video without voiceover


As a rule, for promo videos, we choose tracks that do not contain vocals. Vocal samples in the track will conflict with the voiceover artist.

The popular mistake in production is using a voiceover in the video where everything is clear without words. Sometimes using atmospheric music is the best solution and the bright high-quality plot will work for the viewers. For example, our signature showreel 2020, we have done without voiceover with a dynamic, enjoyable track.


Animated Showreel Video


Selection of sound effects


The use of sound effects in the video exists to emphasize the actions of the character because they are able to enhance the connection with the hero. Sound can brighten things up a bit, make them characteristic. If sounds are used all the time in the voice acting for video games and mobile apps, why not use them in an animated video?

With sound effects, I mean not just voice over, but also rustling, heartbeat, breathing, creak, music, and silence video becomes more alive. 




It is a fact that the topic of sound effects and music, in general, is a field of creative implementation in each project. At the Wow-How Studio, we use a large base of artists with voice over demo reel and we regularly expand it.

This field is a separate creative thrill. I think when you hear the references to your future video clip, you will feel pleasant excitement and anticipation and this is the power of music.

Thanks for being with me in this sound and music journey, stay tuned for more interesting topics in my blog. 


Always yours, Bob



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