The Power Of Crowdfunding Videos Or How To Get Maximum Investments: 7 Successful Examples

Author: Bob Jul 27, 2022 7 min read

Despite the fierce competition across most of the niches, the chances of making your startup success are still pretty high. According to statistics, 1 out of 3 startups raises the necessary capital via crowdfunding platforms. 

Let’s find out how to skyrocket your chances of being noticed and funded by prospective investors using the ever-green marketing tactic – creating a crowdfunding video. 


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How Do Crowdfunding Campaigns Benefit From Applying Videos?

Before discovering how to create a good crowdfunding video, let’s find out more about the reasons to get started with crowdfunding video production and reveal its benefits. 


How Do Crowdfunding Campaigns


  • Videos increase the performance of a crowdfunding campaign. The average success rate of  such campaigns is 20-40%, according to different estimates. However, leveraging a great crowdfunding video allows for improving the campaign’s performance by up to 105%
  • Videos make an impression on potential investors. The core goal of successful crowdfunding videos is to raise funding, while the video itself is just one of the tools that you should use to achieve this goal. The task of a crowdfunding video is to make an impression, stay memorable and become better recognizable, so when created right, top crowdfunding videos cope with these tasks pretty well. 
  • Videos show and explain better than both a sales pitch and a business plan. If you analyze the most successful crowdfunding video examples, you will notice that they tell more than a sales pitch but significantly less than a business plan. Such a perfect balance is essential for grabbing and retaining the attention of investors. 
  • Videos allow you to use the marketing channels in addition to the crowdfunding platform. One of the best things about video marketing is that almost any video you create for your product or service can be perfectly reused by other marketing channels. Your crowdfunding video isn’t an exception. You are welcome to distribute it via social media to raise your brand awareness, validate the market demand and make sure the users are interested and even get the first pre-orders. 


Essential Features Of A Winning Crowdfunding Video

So, how to make a great crowdfunding video? The main rule to keep in mind is that a crowdfunding video combines the features of a promo, product, and explainer video in one bottle. Such a balance is key to making an ROI-driving crowdfunding video. Below are the seemingly simple features a successful crowdfunding video usually comes with.  

  • It showcases the product or service. A crowdfunding video should focus on the product or service you have created, explaining its essence, the ways it solves a specific user problem and showcasing the real-life use cases and practical benefits. However, a crowdfunding video shouldn’t be as detailed as a product one – in the case of crowdfunding video production, you still have numerous important things to say, in addition to the product or service introduction. 


Crowdfunding Video showcases


  • It comes with storytelling elements and shows your personality. Most successful crowdfunding videos leverage the power of storytelling. In this case, it is a great way to tell more about your startup and keep the investors engaged. When the startup initiator tells the story himself, it adds a personal touch and allows the investors to get an impression of not only a business idea but also the people behind it. 


storytelling elements in crowdfunding video


  • It is created using the right technology. Choosing the right tool and the appropriate style is essential for making your crowdfunding video appealing. For example, complex projects which need high-level visualization are welcome to consider 3D video production, while simpler projects can succeed with 2D.  Live shooting and whiteboarding are other popular crowdfunding video methods.


technology for crowdfunding Video



  • It contains a compelling CTA. Also, make sure to end the video with an encouraging call to action. Usually, the startupers invite investors to find out more about their idea and its potential by looking through a business plan. 


 CTA for crowdfunding video


7 Successful Campaigns And Their Inspiring Results

We gathered some of the best crowdfunding videos. So, you are welcome to take a look, analyze their best practices and get some inspiration for creating a winning one for your startup.



Cocoro lingerie brand raised more than £361,000 in venture capital after the campaign. Despite their crowdfunding video being not the only tool the company used for attracting investment, it worked pretty well. The video combines live shooting with an explainer, dwells on the product’s benefits, tells the story behind the invention, and highlights the business potential. 


Atari VCS

Atari VCS is a video game console. Despite its crowdfunding video being pretty long (more than 3 minutes), it can be a good example of a product, promo, and explainer video combination in one bottle. The video also contains the feedback of developers’ team members, which makes it more personal and relatable. 



This is another great example of a crowdfunding video that combines live shooting with 2D, tells a story of a Pebble smartwatch invention, and dwells on its premium features. A video also showcases real-life use cases of a device, highlighting its benefits for real users.



Pulp is a project represented on Indiegogo. This is an eCommerce project working according to a subscription box business model and aimed at raising wine consumption awareness. The crowdfunding video they use for promotion leverages live shooting with 2D and mainly dwells on the unique value proposition – the subscription boxes also come with in-app lessons so that the users can get a complete idea of the wine they received. 


Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is a card game that was also successfully introduced on Kickstarter thanks to a good crowdfunding video. The video itself is humorous and funny, it uses a mix of 2D and whiteboard styles to make it both easily understandable for the players and attractive to investors. 



Analog is, as the creators claim, the simplest productivity system ever inspired by the usual paper notes we all are used to taking. In their crowdfunding video example, the developer of the system highlights the pain points and suggests the solution in the form of an Analog, showcasing how it works for everyday tasks and improves productivity. This video is a good example of being personal, understanding the users’ struggle, and explaining the idea in the same simple terms. 



Hitch is an innovative model of a reusable water bottle. The developers of Hitch and the creators of its crowdfunding video showcase its innovative and sustainable potential with the help of live shooting and storytelling. The video is also funny, humorous, and provocative to make a greater emphasis on the necessity to stop overconsumption.


Wrapping Up

In this article, we have reviewed some successful crowdfunding video examples, plus dwelled on the crowdfunding video benefits and the features it should have to boost your campaign performance. While the concept of a crowdfunding video is seemingly simple, creating a winning one can be a challenge, especially for first-time startup initiators. In such a case, you are welcome to hire our creative team to help you with crowdfunding video production and marketing. 

Contact us now to get started in a flash! 



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