Can You Outsource Your Video Post-Production Work and How to Do It Right?

Author: Bob Jun 03, 2021 5 min read

I highly appreciate your desire to create your videos on your own. You, as a creator, may really have a better vision of what will work for your audience and fit your business needs. 

But there are still some more important tasks to do on the video post-production stage. Should you deal with them on your own? Or, would it be better to get some help from the outside? 

I will explain, and you will decide. 


What Is Post-Production and How Do You Handle It


Post-production is the third stage in the video creation process. And here is when your filmed materials are reviewed, edited, structured, and compiled together in an engaging video product. It sounds pretty easy, yeah? 

But, guys, when it comes to practice, it becomes a bit more challenging. At the stage of post production, you also need to make a rough cut, then compile a picture lock, work on sound design  (choose the music and sound effects, compile them into a holistic sound mix), add voice over and visual effects, make color correction, add titles, subtitles, and endings, and… you are almost done. 

The post-production stage is the time when you need a perfectly balanced set of creative and technical skills. You should also have an in-depth understanding of your audience’s needs and wants to reach your goal. Whether you create an explainer video or a product overview, without profound knowledge of your customers, you are doomed to fail. 

Besides, you also need to be great at storytelling to transform your raw video into an engaging story that will make your viewers feel, sympathize, relate, share and buy your product or services. 

Video post production outsourcing allows you to unlock these opportunities. 


Video Post Production Outsourcing – The Main Reasons Why


While the idea to entrust the final delivery to somebody else may seem weird for those who have always dealt with video creation on their own, this strategy still has a lot of advantages. 


  • Get access to a rich pool of creative and tech talents. Video production and post-production require you to have creative and tech specialists on board. While hiring them might take a lot of time, outsourcing your post production process to a video production agency can be a wiser option. 
  • Use the best video post-production practices. Each project is unique, but dealing with dozens of unique projects enriches remote video production teams with hands-on experience, creative insights, and the best practices you may take advantage of. 
  • Cut costs and do not compromise on quality. Outsourcing non-core tasks is also an opportunity to cut costs without compromising the quality of your project. It’s true for video post production as well― hiring a professional to finalize your work is always cheaper than DIY. 
  • You may instantly start a new project. Let me assume that you already anticipate your next video…You are welcome to get started with it right away, while your creative team of remote artists and illustrators will polish the results of your video production efforts. 


WOW Post-Production―Let’s Achieve It Together


The goal of the post production is to make your audience exclaim ‘WOW’. This is how your viewers should respond to your video. However, when it comes to analyzing your video results, you should follow a business approach, instead of an emotional one. 

The quality of the video is better to evaluate with measurable indicators, for example, click-through rate, average video view rate, engagement rate, website or app visits, etc. 


Wow-How has something to offer to help you reach this ambitious goal:

  • Video editing. When getting started with editing your video, our team gets an opportunity to take a look from the outside, review your video materials and suggest the approaches that will work for your business goal. 
  • Motion graphics. Making your video brand-focused, stylish, and easily recognizable is one of the best opportunities motion graphics provides. When your video gets into the hands of our artists, it has no other choice but to shine. 
  • 3D visualization. 3D animation is one of the best approaches ever to make a video more vivid. Our 3D designers and animators would be happy to help you with the three main tasks of the post-production stage. 


  1. Compositing. Compositing is the process of combining images together, creating a logical sequence, and/or adding some additional images to make each frame even more vivid and appealing.
  2. VFX. This task refers to adding special effects to your video, for example, particles, smoke, dust, camera shake effect, or any other creative add-ons your video needs to shine. 
  3. Color correction. At this stage, we add visual effects to make your video brighter, more saturated, or shaded depending on the mood we need to convey. 


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Final Words


That’s right, guys. Outsourcing your video post-production can be a perfect strategy that will save your time and resources. Just a little tip: outsource it to a reliable agency with a rich portfolio of cases and a strong focus on your marketing strategy. Our WOW team is right here to help you with that. 

To get more information about our services, team, and/or rates, get in touch with our specialists, and they will help you create mind-blowing content to wow your audience!



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