We’re excited to share with you the wonderful work we did with WWF. The goal was to create a 90-second explainer video that would educate viewers about the Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) program and the importance of sustainable marine resource usage.

Video type:

Explainer Video



2D animation



Marina Vasilieva
Executive Producer

Stepan Barkholenko
Creative Director

Andrew Piskariow

Sergey Sychev

Anastasiia Peretyatkevych

Alena Prytula

Diana Denys

Elena Yurchenko

Kostiantyn Bunovskyi
Motion Graphic designer

Euhenii Vitiuk
Motion Graphic designer

Valeria Mashnitska
Motion Graphic designer



Wow-How had a tight turnaround time of just 2.5 months to complete the 90-sec project.



The Wow-How team showed dedication and flexibility to ensure that the project was completed on time. The final result was an excellent 2D animation that received numerous compliments from the client’s colleagues across Europe, who are excited to start using this project with their audiences. 



The team at Wow-How animation studio, led by Marina Vasilieva as the Executive Producer and Stepan Barkholenko as the Creative Director, put together an amazing project proposal. WWF worked closely with the Wow team to ensure that the final video conveyed the intended message and feeling they wanted to share. 


The talented team of illustrators, including Anastasiia Peretyatkevych, Alena Prytula, Diana Denys, and Elena Yurchenko, created beautiful visuals that brought the story to life. Sergey Sychev wrote the script, which was informative and engaging, while Kostiantyn Bunovskyi, Euhenii Vitiuk, and Valeriia Mashnitska added motion graphics that made the video even more compelling. 


Key Scenes:


Here is the client’s review about us:

Thank you all very, very much again for your time to put together such a fantastic project proposal, to have calls to clarify our intended message and feeling with this story. Your support to keep the project on track and on time, for your dedication when the war in Ukraine made things simply impossible, for your flexibility and patience on our many requests and for all the truly exceptional work delivered throughout. 


We have already received so many compliments for this animation and our colleagues across Europe are excited to start using it with their audiences – so this thanks you includes them as well.”


Overall, we did exceptional work on this project and fully met the deadlines. So, the client highly recommends our services to anyone looking for top-notch animation and video production. Check out the video and see how our Wow Team brought the WWF story to life! 

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