Wow-How studio has recently completed a 2D animated explainer video for Digital Vision Clinic — a holistic telehealth platform that provides vision health-at-home solutions. The video aims to explain the benefits of DVC’s services and how it helps patients with vision disabilities preserve and make the most of their sight.

Video type:

Explainer Video



2D animation



Anna Marchenko
Sales Manager

Anastasiya Toksarova
Senior Producer

Stepan Barkholenko
Creative Director

Andrew Piskarjow
Art Director

Taya Kobaeva

Valeria Mashnitska
Motion Designer&Illustrator



Working in close collaboration with DVC, the team dedicated two months to creating the video, making sure the messaging and visuals were perfectly aligned with the brand. The efforts culminated in a final product delivered on time and exceeding DVC’s expectations.



The challenge was to create an engaging and informative video that would be easy for viewers to understand, while also conveying the value of DVC’s telehealth platform. The Wow-How team worked closely with DVC to understand their product and target audience. After this, we developed a script and storyboard that captured the critical messaging and visuals.



Our team decided to use 2D animation to create a fun and approachable style that would appeal to various audiences. Wow-How experts also carefully selected the right color palette, typography, and sound effects to create a cohesive and engaging visual experience.


Anastasiya Toksarova, as Senior Producer, managed the various team members, guaranteeing they were all on the same page and working towards creating a successful explainer. Stepan Barkholenko, as Creative Director, ensured that all the creative assets were in line with the brand’s identity. He worked closely with Andrew Piskarjow, the Art Director, who created the campaign’s assets. As Scriptwriter, Taya Kobaeva wrote engaging and persuasive scripts, ensuring that the campaign resonated with the target audience. She worked closely with Valeria Mashnitska, the Motion Designer and Illustrator. Together, they made visually stunning motion graphics that leave a lasting impression.



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The Wow-How studio’s team successfully created an engaging 2D animated explainer video for Digital Vision Clinic, showcasing their telehealth platform and its benefits for patients with vision disabilities. Overall, the project was a success, and the video will help DVC reach a wider audience and make a positive impact in the world of telehealth.

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