Our company was happy to work with the BearPaw brand, as it presented a unique challenge that allowed us to showcase our creativity and expertise. The story of the brand’s inception, inspired by the sight of a bear during a journey on Lake Tahoe, was truly captivating, and we were eager to bring it to life through our 2D animation technology.

Video type:

Brand Animated Video



2d animation



Natalia Beloglazova
Sales Department

Yana Martynova
Senior Producer

Stepan Barkholenko
Creative Director

Andrew Piskarjow
Art Director

Taya Kobaeva

Ilya Tkachenko
Motion Designer (freelancer)

Veronica Horban
Illustrator (freelancer)



Despite the challenges posed by this complex project, our team worked tirelessly for 16 weeks, adhering to strict deadlines, to produce a corporate video that exceeded the expectations of our client.



Our studio has been assigned a special task to produce an animated video in honor of the BearPaw brand’s anniversary celebration.



The project was spearheaded by our sales department head, Natalia Beloglazova, who recognized the potential of this video in showcasing the brand’s ethos and values. Under the leadership of our senior producer, Yana Martynova, the Wow-How team set out to create a video that would celebrate the brand’s anniversary and pay homage to its origin story.


Our creative director, Stepan Barkholenko, worked closely with our art director, Andrew Piskarjow, to devise a concept that would effectively convey the interconnection of different worlds, as embodied by the BearPaw brand. Our scriptwriter, Taya Kobaeva, developed a storyline that beautifully captured the brand’s essence, while our motion designer, Ilya Tkachenko, brought it to life through captivating visuals that blended different 2D styles.


We also collaborated with the freelance illustrator, Veronica Horban, to create vibrant and visually stunning illustrations that enhanced the overall quality of the video.


Character design:

Color Palette:




Our company was proud to work with the BearPaw brand and contribute to its journey of success. The project allowed us to showcase our expertise in 2D animation technology and to create a video that effectively captured the essence of the brand while celebrating its anniversary. We look forward to future collaborations with the BearPaw brand and other clients who share our passion for creativity and innovation.

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