ByoWave is a company focused on developing customizable and accessible controllers for gamers, with a particular emphasis on enabling disabled gamers to build their own personalized experiences. They have recently introduced the Proteus Controller Kit, which offers modularity, accessibility, and customization options.

Video type:

Promo&Product Video



3D animation



Julia Prokhorova
Sales Manager

Stepan Barkholenko
Creative Director

Pavlo Cherviakov
Art Director

Serhii Sychov

Tamara Nazirova

Nikita Bondarenko

Alex Chan
Character Developer

Nitika Tretiakov
Motion Designer

Taras Drozda
Motion Designer

Maksim Zaikin
Motion Designer



The total duration of the two videos was set at 50 seconds. Wow-How Animation Studio committed to completing the project within a timeframe of three months, ensuring a balance between efficiency and the quality of the final deliverables.



Wow-How Animation Studio was tasked with creating two 3D videos for the pre-sale campaign of ByoWave’s Proteus Controller. The aim was to produce a promotional video that would feature a character and a product overview video that would present the controller’s main characteristics in a fun, cool, and colorful atmosphere. The goal was to engage potential customers and generate excitement for the product.



Wow-How Animation Studio followed a mixed-technique approach, combining 3D animation and dynamic editing. This approach allowed to effectively showcase the Proteus Controller’s key features while creating a unique visual style that would captivate the audience. Additionally, we developed a humorous 3D character to be featured in both videos, adding an extra layer of entertainment value and emotional bond.



The team for the ByoWave Proteus Controller project consisted of talented professionals in their respective roles. Julia Prokhorova, the Sales representative, effectively communicated with the client, while the Producer, ensured the project’s smooth execution. The Creative Director, Stepan Barkholenko, and Art Director, Pavlo Cherviakov, guided the visual style and aesthetic of the videos. 

Serhii Sychov crafted engaging scripts, while Nikita Bondarenko and Tamara Nazirova developed the storyboards. Character Developer Alex Chan created a memorable 3D hero, and Maksim Zaikin brought it to life through animation. Motion Designers, Nitika Tretiakov and Naras Drozda, added dynamic elements to enhance the visuals.

Together, this talented team collaborated to deliver high-quality 3D videos that effectively showcased the ByoWave Proteus Controller.






Wow-How successfully delivered the project, creating both 3D promo and product videos for ByoWave’s Proteus Controller. These videos effectively communicated the controller’s features in an engaging and entertaining manner, generating excitement and interest among the target audience. The unique visual style, combined with the humorous 3D character, added an extra level of appeal and memorability to the videos, further strengthening the brand’s message.


The final deliverables were professional, visually captivating, and aligned with ByoWave’s desired atmosphere. Wow-How Animation Studio’s work contributed significantly to the success of ByoWave’s pre-sale campaign, helping to generate awareness and anticipation for the Proteus Controller.


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