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The era of initial coin offering (ICO) has come, and this huge and potentially lucrative field of business attracts ever more clients and start-up businesspeople. The Bitcoin ratings are beating all possible and impossible records, growing in demand every day, while hundreds of new cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are emerging online every day. If you have decided to take your share of the ICO market and to create your own cryptocurrency –WOW HOW Studio may become your dedicated partner and assistant in this business.

Promoting Yourself as a Token/ICO Issuer

Obviously, the kernel of success in the market of ICO and blockchain technology is profound technical capacity for cryptocoin creation. But how are you going to tell the world about your offer? In which ways do you plan to attract customers, build your reputation, and make the initial revenue? No new project may succeed without a well-designed and implemented content marketing plan, and this is what we can help you out with.


Our studio hosts a team of talented and creative designers, artists, and content creators, which may become an essential starting point for popularization of your ICO project. We are ready to develop and implement a detailed marketing content plan and strategy for quick growth of your business, so that you embrace the potential of ICO quickly and get impressive ROI.

Our team provides the full-package service on content creation and dissemination to enhance your marketing strategy:

  • Content creation and publishing in a variety of sources to expand your market presence and increase brand recognition
  • Involvement of competent WOW HOW team members into expert content creation, management of your social media, and establishment of loyal relationships with your audience
  • Management of all marketing content-related issues to relieve you from all the hardship connected with this business sphere.

By hiring WOW-HOW Studio as your trusted partner in the ICO launch, you get expert assistance and full coverage of content-related issues. Now you can concentrate on more important business aspects and direct your resources towards ICO generation, while we will manage the content area of your business. Take your chance for a quick and efficient market entry – the competition is getting fiercer day by day, tomorrow may be too late!