Kinetic Typography

An animated video is always more entertaining than just text. Thankfully beauty, bright visualization viewer`s attention last much more longer. A viewer, who see the animated video will memorize information using his visual associations.

Written text that exists from the time that harmoniously unites an animation visualization in results called kinetic video or motion typography. Turning to literary it means moving text. Kinetic video is another way to highlight text in an animation.

This type of technology allows for bright and dynamic presentation text. The main task of it is visualizing all voice-overs on the video. That is why it is so popular in the lyric video, explainer, and educational video. 

This technique helps make video content more entertaining and grab emotion from viewers.

So, we will look at the three most popular kinetic video types.

 Lyric video

A lyric video is a type of music clip, but unlike familiar music clips, it’s focused on the text of the song as it plays. It helps to touch the words of the song.

Firstly viewers can instantly touch the text, your fans can learn by heart words of your single and sign with you on your performance.

Musicians create their own music video production at the level of a work of art. Lyrics are another tool for the artist to show his creativity.

Really often it is used before the big release of the main clip to whet the interest of the listeners. It works as a teaser.

Informational video 

To describe complex material by typography motion graphics always a great idea. TEDed educational video production and other popular science information are in that spheres were often using kinetic typography animation.

The evolution of visual content makes the world of science more charmed and easier to grab.

Animated infographics are a way of visualizing content, using symbols, diagrams, simple images, and of course text that are animated. An important benefit is that you can put a lot of cognitive info in one-minute infographic videos.

Advertising video

Advertising of big brands or noncommercial organization, that challenge themselves to reach deep into the heart of their target audience, often uses manifestos, powerful slogans. To hand over these refined techniques will help motion typography. In this way, a viewer will see and hear a manifesto, that telling the brand.

Also, this technique is convenient for various creative pitches.


  • The advantage of this that the viewer can easily read the given lyric. 
  • Thankful for this technology each viewer after watching two- or three-times video will learn all the lyrics. 
  • The lyrics can take different shapes and styles depending on the artist`s approach.
  • The lively text and bright graphic elements will highlight you among the simple 2D animation. Such a video in combination with music or voice over has magical effects on a person.

Using kinetic typography animation you will deliver your message even if the viewer opened on sound-free mode. He will appreciate this opportunity!

Wow-how studio specializes in creating an animation of any complexity. 

To create kinetic typography that inspires the viewer is a part of our work. 

In our studio, working screenwriters and they are thrilled to pick every word. After that, it will add to the designer`s hands, who work with a passion for animation. We know how to balance with a creative approach and while saving the client`s task. Our main goal is to convey the message understandably. 

We like to create animated videos that combine pragmatic solutions with creative approaches.

Typography animation can be the realization in different variants. With it, you can tell any plot.