10 Effective Logo Design Tips for Business Owners

Author: Bob Mar 21, 2018 9 min read

It is really simple to start an independent business today. However, it is even more important to make this business strong, recognizable, stable, and attracting new customers every day. In this case, you cannot go without a logo that will symbolize your business.


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The Best Logo Design Tips for Business Owners


There are many ways to create a nice and recognizable logo for a small business, but business owners prefer to do everything by themselves, and logo design is not an exception. If you are one of these people and you start thinking of how to make a logo for your lifetime project, here are some effective tips to help you out:


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1. Think about your values


The logo is not only the face of your business; it should also reflect your own values and impress potential customers. In this case, your logo will become memorable and recognizable. To achieve that, do some kind of research before starting to design your logo.


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2. Learn professional rules of logo creation


Although each business owner wants to create an uncommon logo that will break all known rules of design, it is necessary to learn these rules first. A great number of different guidelines and manuals for designers is available, but there are only five unbreakable criteria of successful logo creation: versatility, simplicity, memorability, timelessness, and appropriateness.


3. Start your own process


One may think that it is very easy to make a logo; however, you should work hard to cope with this task. The working process implies sketching of all possible logo variants; therefore, it may need a lot of time and effort to find the best one.


4. Have a look at famous brands


Although plagiarism is very undesirable in the process of logo design, it is always useful to see good examples of logos used by brands known all over the world. Certainly, you will see that all of them are simple enough but striking at the same time. Try to follow this combination while creating something on your own.


5. Don’t use any cliché


Don’t forget that the logo should signify your own business with its individual approach, unique products, and services. Therefore, it is critical to avoid any cliché used in your sphere. It is a laborious task to do, but if you do deep research, you will definitely find the way to embody your ideas in shapes and colors so that it looks unique.


6. Dive into the process


Logo design may need a lot of time and effort, especially if you don’t have any experience in this sphere but try to make fun of it! Let your inspiration and imagination go, and the result may be impressive. Keep a note and a pencil in your hand because crazy ideas don’t choose time to come. Have fun with this process!


7. Choose a recognizable typeface


A logo can be represented not only by an image; some companies use a special typeface for that. If you decide to create a so-called type-only logo (i.e., a uniquely styled text with a company’s brand name), take care about choosing (or creating) a memorable typeface. Most companies that used such an approach, for example, Facebook or Disney, created their own unique typefaces for this purpose.


8.Try the use of negative space


There are many effective ways to make a logo, and one of them is the use of negative space. It is a space around and between the subjects in an image. There are many samples of successful use of negative space in logos, for example, FedEx, and you may try this technique to create your own variant of the logo.


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9. Make your logo vivid


It is also important to create a vivid, memorable image. In other words, it is necessary to design a logo so that people can see motion within it. For example, the Twitter logo implies motion, and this approach attracts people’s attention.


10. Choose the best type of logo for you


You may draw many variants of a logo for your business, but it is necessary to define what exact type of logo you prefer. There are five most widespread variants: a symbol, a wordmark (a type-only logo), a letter mark, an emblem, and a combination mark. Although each of these types has its own advantages and disadvantages, a combination mark is considered the best variant. However, it is up to you to choose what variant to use.
Hopefully, such simple recommendations will help you to design a logo for your small business on your own, and you will enjoy the very process of logo designing.


How Professionals Do It


Although it can be very interesting to try logo design on your own, you may always turn to professionals, and it is quite normal, especially if you can’t sketch or just don’t have enough time for it. What does this process look like from the point of view of a professional designer? In general, it is possible to define five stages of work on logo design:


  • Conversation with a customer.
    It is impossible to make a perfect logo without paying attention to the values of a company and a businessman himself/herself. Therefore, all professionals start working on the logo design with a conversation with a customer, seeking good ideas to embody in your logo.


  • Research of the field.
    The next step of professional work on logo design is the research of your particular field or industry. This research is necessary to see what logos dominate in your field of business, which of them are considered successful; this is also done to avoid possible plagiarism. Certainly, such research requires some effort, but it is worthy since you should make your brand unique and recognizable among all others.


  • Sketching.
    Sketching is the main part of a professional designer’s work on the design. Although professionals like sketching, each client wants at least three different variants of one and the same logo to choose from. Therefore, logo designers must get creative to show the level of their proficiency.



  • Revision.  Revision is a painstaking process for each designer because a client must see all ready variants, choose one of them, and tell what corrections it needs. Further on, a designer will polish this version to meet the client’s requirements. This step may need more time than sketching itself, but it is unavoidable to polish the final variant and get an ideal logo.


  • Choosing the final version. When sketching is finished, and all corrections are done, it is high time to prepare the final version. Usually, professional designers choose file formats and other modes in which the finished logo would be used. For example, if you want to use a logo for your visiting cards, it should be adapted accordingly. Although the process of logo design is considered laborious, experienced logo designers cope with such tasks easily and quickly because of their professionalism and creativity. So, it’s strongly recommended to turn to specialists with this task, as your logo has strategic importance for your company’s business success, and it is not the issue to give to chance.


Why is Professional Brand Design Better?


Hiring professional logo designers has many advantages, such as:


  • The economy of time. The logo design needs a lot of time, and time is money, as everybody knows. Therefore, if you are too busy with the development of your business and don’t have enough time to create a logo by yourself, the best way out of this situation is to hire a professional designer to help you.


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  • Professional experience. A great number of created logos means that it will be very easy for a designer to make one more logo specially for you. In this case, you can be pretty sure that experience always means the high quality of the final product.


  • A long-term brand management strategy. It is not enough to create a logo only. You should combine it with brand management in general and make a long-term strategy for this management. Logo creation is just one step of this strategy, and professionals know it well. Therefore, by choosing professional brand managers, you will have a full range of services instead of a fragmented piece of work.


  • Taking into account human psychology. Designers, especially experienced ones, should be good psychologists as well. They know a lot about the influence of shapes, patterns, colors, and their combinations on human perception. Therefore, professionals have more opportunities to make your brand recognizable among potential clients and to give your company a powerful launch on the market.


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  • Individual approach. Professional designers are used to practicing an individual approach to each client; hence, it is the most important reason to choose professional services instead of doing everything on your own. You will always be heard, your wishes will be taken into account, and the work will be done to your complete satisfaction.


The Wow-How Studio is an experienced brand identity design company working in this sphere for more than ten years. We have a great number of finished projects, an enormous number of satisfied clients, and excellent reviews. With our professional help, your company will get its brand identity attracting new clients day by day. Therefore, if you still have any doubts, put them off and rely on true professionals!



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